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PCR Testing Requerinments for Entry

All international passengers with final destination Colombia or who have an international connection in the country that requires migration process, will have to present a PCR test for COVID-19 with negative result issued with a term no more than 96 hours before flight boarding.

This requirement does not apply to passengers on international connections since they will not have to undergo migration. Colombians and foreigners with residence in Colombia may board the flight without a PCR test.

In cases in which travelers verbally state that they had difficulties to take the test or to obtain the result within the term required prior to the flight, they must take the PCR test upon arrival and keep preventive isolation until they obtain a negative result or keep preventive isolation for at least 14 days in their place of residence or lodging.

Moreover, to enter or leave Colombia, passengers must fill out the immigration pre-check-in form in the “Check-Mig” application.

If the flight lasts more than two hours, multiple surgical masks should be worn and changed frequently. Its use is mandatory for people over 2 years old.

At the request of the Colombian Ministry of Health, while the COVID-19 health alert remains in the country, the use of CPAP devices on board is completely restricted.

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