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Can a family of entrepreneurs successfully preserve its wealth for more than 100 years?

Good things only happen to those who know how to tell them” Italo Calvino 

At Loy Legal Studio we like to go from theory to practice, our scope with family business is to teach them to tell stories, to be aware of those connections and, how to tell them among family members.

Families that manage to preserve their wealth in the fourth generation and beyond,is nothing more than the preservation of their family narrative over time. The memory of its founding members, the shared family values ​​and above all, what is the method of government to put those values ​​into practice.

At Loy Legal Studio we help to preserve the family’s wealth, not only from a financial and tax point of view, but we also understand that the growth of human capital is essential to consolidate the property business in the long term.

Our documents identify the values, differences, and physical and emotional well-being of family members. For example, we are surprised that there is so little literature on decision-making, for example between father and sons, brothers or cousins. The ability to learn to work together is critical to long-term wealth preservation.

Each Family can successfully preserve wealth for more than one hundred years if the narrative expresses the set of shared values, their differences and a horizontal government.

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