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4 things an foreigner investor should know about Colombian immigration law

  1. All foreigners who enter Colombia must show their passport or travel document before the immigration authority with the corresponding Colombian visa, if required. Foreign citizens from CAN (Andean Community) and Mercosur (Southern Common Market) may be required only to show their national ID documents.
  2. In those cases in which a foreigner does not need to apply for a visa in order to enter Colombia, the immigration authority may grant entry and permanence permits to foreign 126 visitors who have no intention to reside in the Country.
  3. The migration policy promotes the entry of those foreigners with technical, professional or intellectual qualifications and experience who can contribute to the development of economic, scientific, cultural or educational activities that may benefit the Country. Likewise, promotes the entry of foreigners who can contribute with capital to be invested in the incorporation of new companies or in lawful activities that may generate employment and increase exports, providing that the activities are considered of national interest.
  4. Currently in Colombia there are three (3) types of visa, each granted according to the nature of the visit and if there is the intention to remain or not in the country.

(i) Visitor Visa (V)

The Visitor Visa (V) will be granted for a maximum period of 2 years, to the foreigner who wishes to visit the national territory once or several times, or to remain temporarily in it without establishing himself.

(ii) Migrant Visa (M)

The Migrant visa will be granted for a maximum period of 3 years, renewable, to the foreigner who intends to settle in the country and does not meet the conditions to apply for an R type visa.

(iii) Resident Visa (R)

The Resident Visa (R) will be granted to the foreigner who wishes to establish permanently or establish a domicile in the country and if the client submit some specific requirements.

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